Di Tong Platinum Hidden Model Luxury Watches Fake

Ref.116576TBR is a hidden style that appeared in 2014, with nicknames such as ice blue, rock sugar, and Full of celestial stars. By the way, [TBR] is an abbreviation of English [Tessellating Brilliants], translated into Chinese as a bright-cut diamond belonging to a unique Rolex watch bezel.

The platinum swiss models with an overwhelming existence Ref.116576TBR is a luxurious enhanced version of ordinary drilling ice. It has an exquisite appearance. There are 36 rectangular diamonds inlaid on the bezel. Diamond. The clock is ice and blue, and the pointer is blue steel, which gives a refreshing impression of the overall improvement in satisfaction when wearing platinum materials. Compared with the 50th-anniversary style, although it is also ice-blue platinum, the design, and configuration of this one give a significant visual impact.

The difference between platinum bracelets is not remarkably different from oyster steel, but you can experience the weight of platinum. There is a bit of regret that the part of the buckle in the 6 o’clock direction in the picture is not a mirror polishing. Here we still have to talk about the price. The official pricing is said to be around 90W. Please forgive me a lot. This price can only look at it from a distance. Let’s look at the secondary market price. As of October 2022, the market price is about 300W. Interested friends can take a look at significant websites. There are many reasons; although the market is one after another, it is still popular and a bright watch in the hands of collectors.

The mirror polishing is the scrub quality of the above chart buckle. This type of hidden Rolex luxury watches fake market has been high and takes work to start. Therefore, there are also some modification tables circulating. There are also excellent diamond-cutting processes. Therefore, when acquired, sending labor services is generally one of the indispensable steps for many people, and discussions are not discussed here. Interested friends can go to some world authoritative websites to study comparison pictures and feel their craftsmanship.

  • Brand: Rolex
  • Model: 116576
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Engine: Mingzhu Engine
  • Series: Daytona
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Case Thickness: 15mm
  • Gender: Men’s

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