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This year is the big year of Rolex, the 60th anniversary of Di Tong, the 70th anniversary of the explorer, and the 70th anniversary of the water ghost. Because the explorer and Shui Gui have already had a new version before, the first time that Rolex will be circulated in the first place, Rolex will take a big move in Di Tong this year.

Rolex released the latest 2023. Sure enough, Di Tong has ushered in a new version. In other words, it is an epic change.

First, Di Tong took out a new version. Gang Di model 126500.

The appearance has mostly stayed the same. The diameter is 40 mm, but the thickness becomes thinner, from 12.5 mm of 116500 to 11.9 mm.

The outer edge of the ceramic bezel has multiple sets of metal rings. The steel rim is covered, and the red part is below. Kim Di is a golden circle. The movement is also upgraded, but not the 4230 expected, but 4131. In simple terms, it is 4130 fine-tuning: polishing and upgrading, using the Chronergy escapement and Parachrom, but the dynamic reserve time is unchanged, still 72 hours.

This Popular Tonga upgrade is very similar to the previous water ghost. But Ice Blue and Green Cold Di are the exceptions.

Secondly, Ice Blue Di is back.

Di Tong took the first time in history, and the new ice blue di took off directly.

Finally, Green Jinsidi and Meteori were discontinued.

After the release of the new product, Rolex’s official website could no longer see the figures of Green King Dijin and Meteorite, which means that these two super hot all-Jin Di officially discontinued production.

Green Jindi is an era, and the market has always been a roller coaster in Rolex’s popular models. The lowest valley is within 200,000, the maximum is more than one million, and it hovers between 500,000 and 800,000 years. This time, the update of Ditonga, Gangdi, Tape Di, and Ice Blue Di have all replaced them, but Green Jindi has only discontinued production, and no new models have been seen.

Congratulations to friends with Green Jindi in their hands. Can you return to 100 again but return to 70th fingers?

In addition to Di Tong, Rolex also updated many new products.

First, a new series, 1908.

39 mm in diameter, a new movement of 7140, silicon traveled, and still through. However, this new model can be considered Chelini’s tiny three stitches. Chellini can’t sell it, re-edit a new series of names, and then start.

Second, the yacht has a 42mm titanium version.

There were two titanium alloy swiss replica watches in Rolex in history. The first one is the black-faced titanium alloy yacht specially created by Ben Ainslie, a British sailing wind shooter Ben Ainslie in 2021. Only one piece is produced. The second is last year’s titanium ghost king, 23 mm thick, not for ordinary people.

The average mass-produced titanium replica luxury watch is finally released this year: yacht 42. It can also be regarded as a tepid yacht.

Third, GMT released a new version.

Black and gray two-color ceramic rings have two versions of gold and gold.

Fourth, the new color scheme.

There is no existence of this series in China. The best green noodles in the new model are still platinum.

Fifth, explore the new 40 mm new model.

So the discontinued production was launched in 2021 to throw 36 to give way to 40 this year?

Sixth, Hengshen Parent-Child Edition.

The complex of the suspended color disk is constant. It is still lacquer. The background is the most popular Tiffany color of the color disk. The patterns above are colored balloons, the color of balloons, pink, yellow, coral red, and green, which is the color of each surface of the color disk constant. There are three sizes 31, 36, and 41.

Seventh, 36mm Sunday.

The most impressive new product of Rolex this year is a 36mm Sunday.

One is a gem plate, which looks good but is still routine. Green sandy golden stones, red chalcedony, and turquoise are all drilling rings.

There is also a plate like a puzzle, but the enamel process.

The position of the noon is an arc-shaped window, which does not display the week but is displayed at 31 exclusive emoji on the 31 -o’clock window. There are three versions of platinum, gold, and rose gold.

  • Series: Daytona
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Model: m116509-0071
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Band Length: 19cm
  • Dial Color: Blue Dial

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