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Everyone who loves Rolex should have heard or seen [joint name] Rolex more or less, and even a few should own [common name] Rolex. Because the quantity is limited and the price is higher than the same model, it is rare in the market. It is rare for Rolex to launch joint names in recent years, but various collaborative models appeared in the 1950s. As the name implies, it means that the name of the model is not only the Rolex LOGO but also the LOGO of the agent. The literal translation is two names. Before Rolex became familiar to the public, there were many joint models with jewelry stores, food stores, etc., taking advantage of the reputation of these well-known stores so that buyers did not have to worry about product problems. Hence, the recognition of products steadily increased. Of course, these are also inseparable from Rolex’s high-quality watchmaking level. The editor believes that the key to success is that it is very good at brand promotion. It was only in the announcement of the termination of the joint name of Rolex in the 1990s that the curtain ended.

Regarding co-branded models, the first ones that definitely come to mind are Tiffany & Co. and Cartier, both well-known jewelry brands. Although a jewelry brand, it has also sold joint Rolex watches. The common name of Rolex and Tiffany began in the 1950s. Customers who buy Rolex watches at the Tiffany store in New York can have Tiffany’s LOGO printed on the dial. The only feature is that Tiffany’s LOGO is printed differently depending on the age. This is because the Tiffany service stations at that time were also equipped with the dials needed for replacement. Luxury watches replica online.

In the photo, it can be seen that [Tiffany & Co] is written slightly below the center of the dial. Any Rolex watch sold in a Tiffany store can have [Tiffany & Co] printed on the dial if the customer requests it. All Tiffany guests are allowed, but Cartier is not. It is said that the joint name with Cartier is only available for VIP customers. Therefore, its rarity value is relatively high compared with Tiffany’s common name. The editor has only seen Tiffany, but I have never seen Cartier.

Then introduce some other joint names. This is a relatively new joint Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s Pizza Company gives this to its top performers for free, and attention is free. It was the Skymaster then, but now it is replaced by the Oyster Perpetual. Although it is a relatively cheap model among Rolex, if you can receive one, it can also prove that the hard work was not in vain. Rolex replicas for sale.

Finally, there is a joint model with [COMEX]. Although this company is not well-known in China, it is a very famous company specializing in diving in France. Marine survey and underwater work are the company’s main business, so the joint name with Rolex is the Submariner and Sea-dweller, called water ghosts.

Of course, there are also various joint names, such as watches made for the country’s king to commemorate the country’s independence. It’s just that Rolex didn’t release such information, but you can see the joint watch on the Internet. It is estimated that if there are many co-branded Rolex models again, many people will follow them. After all, relatively few antique co-branded models are in good condition on the market.

Band Length: 18cm
Gender: Men’s
Case Thickness: 15mm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Series: Submariner
Model: 116610LN
Brand: Rolex
Case Color: Silver-tone

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