The Different Stainless Steel Rings Of The Rolex Datejust Luxury Replicas Watches

What I am sharing today is an old journal type. Regarding the journal type, many watch friends will first think of Ref.16234 or Ref.16233 with a gold bezel (a dog tooth bezel), but the stainless steel bezel feels very good. The steel rings in the current model are all flat and polished bezels. There is no Engine Turned bezel in the picture, and its model is Ref.16220. In addition, Ref.16220 also has some features of watches that were only before the 1990s, such as the ear piercing on the side of the case and the dial with small Roman numerals. It is estimated that many friends who like formal watches will like the style. The one pictured here is an unpolished individual from 1992, and it is still a large set. Luxury replicas watches.

The luminous tritium light on the dial fades slightly to a cream color, making the white dial slightly more layered. The atmosphere of the small Roman hour markers differs from the standard large Roman numerals or bar hour markers. It is a lovely discontinued watch and is even more valuable if it is unpolished in the 1990s. Many formal watches with average appearance or cases have been flattened due to repeated maintenance and polishing, so good-looking watches that have not been polished for a long time are rare and precious. In addition, its back cover still retains the stickers at that time, and the traces of the model Ref.16220 can be seen on the stickers, a second-hand watch with relatively little sense of use. Fake Rolex watches.

The state of the bezel is also perfect. Like the case, it is unpolished. The most significant selling point of Ref.16220 should be its bezel. The whole look sharp and angular, and it even feels slightly painful when touched with fingertips.

The head number of the strap is 555B, and there is no sense of slack on the whole. It is a gorgeous commemorative strap because most of the commemorative straps in the 1990s are loose.

Accessories include boxes, certificates, card holders, calendars, booklets, and small green and red tags. The most valuable addition is the certificate, followed by the TV. This should be very attractive for friends keen on the extensive set. But for the editor, as long as the certificate and the box are enough, having no TV at worst is acceptable. The log-type bezel of this classic model in the past feels very interesting. Does anyone have a similar style? The above sharing will have a little reference value for cousin friends.

Dial Color: White Dial
Gender: Men’s
Band Width: 20mm
Movement: Automatic
Model: 218239
Brand: Rolex
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Series: Day-Date

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