What Watch Is Little Pea, The Star Of The Red Devils, Wearing? Replica Rolex

Friends familiar with Manchester United know there was once a center forward wearing No. 14, who frequently helped the team achieve good results by his ability to open the bow with both feet and extremely fast. He was Javier Hernandez because He is a speed forward, and his body is not considered tall among athletes, so some people called him “Little Pea.”

For Manchester United, which had many superstars at the time, Little Pea was not the top player, but he won the love of many fans with his charm. Even though he has left Manchester United and the five significant leagues now, Xiaopea is still active on social platforms. Whether it is the life of the new club or his fashionable and avant-garde outfits, it has attracted the attention of many fans. Replica Rolex.

Some watch lovers have noticed that the watch worn by Little Pea is unique. I need to find out which brand it is from. According to the author, this is a watch from the AET REMOULD brand. They redesigned and remade the materials based on the Daytona, and the one worn by Little Pea is from their classic series, using black and white The color reshapes the visual beauty of Daytona. The case is made of ceramic material, which can enhance the texture and provide a warm and jade-like feeling.

AET REMOULD, which considers designing its brand competitiveness, has also launched football-related watches. Taking the Argentine football culture as the background, they extracted the blue and white colors of the Argentine flag and jersey. They incorporated them into creating the dial and bezel. The famous Argentine star No. 10 was also portrayed in the center of the dial with a chic back, a unique sapphire crystal case, and a white rubber strap; the overall vision is bright and precise, showing the charm of Argentine football culture.

Football players, Peas, and many celebrities and Internet celebrities often wear AET REMOULD watches. In addition to the “Classic Series” watches, their family also has a “National Series” that embodies the culture of various countries worldwide, showing pigment art. They are also involved in the “Graffiti Series,” the “Picasso Series,” which pays tribute to the artist, the highly creative “Rodin Series,” and even Richard Mille, a luxury watch worth millions. Richard mille replica.

Looking closely at the many watches launched by AET REMOULD, we can find that their eyes are always full of many exciting designs; whether it is an artistic expression or the application of material technology, they can bring people a refreshing visual enjoyment. Today, wearing a watch has long been separated from the initial need to check the time anytime, anywhere. It is more reflected in personal taste and the meaning it contains. AET REMOULD watches can meet these needs so that people from all walks can favor them.

Gender: Men’s
Band Color: Silver-tone
Band Width: 20mm
Series: Daytona
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Model: 116520
Brand: Rolex

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