Just For That Green — Fake Rolex For Sale Green Glass

The brand color of fake Rolex for sale is known to be green, but there are only a few watches that use green elements: 116400GV green glass, 116610LV green water spirit (green circle and green face), 116900 New Air Master,116710LN (green word and green needle) and a few golden green plates. There are no other watches about green.

Some people say that the green of fake Rolex for sale can be called divine work. The classic representative work of green law is 16610lv. Words and photos can not describe the green of the outer circle. Only when you see the real thing will you find out why there is so beautiful green; from then on, you are stuck in green. From the price can also be seen that all green labor is costly, and today green glass is the protagonist of this article.

  • Speaking of green glass, naturally, the most significant selling point is this glass. The old MILGAUSS line didn’t have green glass. As a highly antimagnetic style, the design mainly focused on antimagnetic and another practical use in the beginning (there were only two models. The MILGAUSS series was out of production for a long time), and it was not until 2007 that the new unique green, the watch replaced the blue crystal glass mirror.

  • “GV” means “GREEN CRYSTAL”, green crystal glass. This glass, go to labor replacement, is 2500 yuan, and the ordinary non-blister mirror is 500 yuan. This green glass is Rolex’s exclusive bell and ross replica watch, and more than the cost of the process is needed to prove the value of this fake Rolex for sale watch. Because the story of green glass is fantastic:

When it was just launched in 2007, it was wildly popular among Lowe fans. Its unique green glass and the production of the MILGAUSS series had been discontinued for a long time. The market price soared to 12W Hong Kong dollars a piece at that time. At that time, I was in the university entrance exam without experience. According to the literature of other great gods, I saw such a scene: robust merchants stock a large number of goods, the counters have been out of stock, many people use gold to change green glass, it can say that it is difficult to find. So green glass at that time is a mythical steel labor, more than the water ghost cattle force of the age. When the financial crisis hit in 2008, its main selling point was beaten by its later rival, the Omega 8500, and the green glass bubble burst, and the price plummeted.

Green glass has not had so many people chasing hot speculation; the price is stable. But for its own sake, the green glass’s green is still very poisonous.

You can see through it, at a glance, the slightly raised arc.

  • The second hand inherits the 6541 lineages, with a classic three-stage lightning pin and a triangular tip painted in thick solid orange. The only bad thing is that the paint breaks in the middle second axis of the lightning needle, causing the whole thing to be disconnected. It looks a little bad (technically tricky, indeed).

Noodles needle scale, unique 369 luminous orange coatings, although the glowing effect is slightly worse, the actual use is not affected.

Green glass, lightning bolt, and 369 orange coating, these sexy designs prove a word: make green glass has the same strong recognition rate.

That green is the core of green glass: seductive.

The antimagnetic capacity of 1000 Gaos professional antimagnetic performance, in the new era of silicon spring, antimagnetic is not necessarily better than others. But Rolex’s MILGAUSS line does more than replace parachute parts, adding a shell, head, and back cover.

Professional type fake Rolex for sale watches will have a problem: thickness and weight, specific add what leads to the weight can be so much, actually some doubts (explore a comparison with the weight of green glass)

The rare inscription on the back cover proves the pedigree. At the same time, the back cover is made of paramagnetic alloy to make the antimagnetic cover (the locked antimagnetic inner shell of the Faraday Cage). The letter “B”, which symbolizes magnetic density, is engraved on the antimagnetic surface. The double back cover is convex on the outer ring of the movement through the antimagnetic surface, and the engraved back surface is concave on the oyster shell. Two layers of rubber will cover the movement closely; it can be said that conscience. (Attached is a drawing of the back cover mesh)

In addition to Parachrom, the 3131 movements also used a paramagnetic escapement device made of amorphous nickel phosphide. Not to mention the data of the movement, the quality of the Lao training was always at ease. As for antimagnetic ability, this big selling point; most people are enough; 1000 Gauss antimagnetic for playing mahjong is more than enough.

Model:116400 GV
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Dial_type:Black Baton
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
Detailed address:

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