Rolex Knockoff 116610ln Blackwater Ghost Watch

Rolex is a familiar brand in China. Therefore, Rolex has been leading sales in China. High sales have led to many fake Rolex watches appearing on the market. Such as the most popular Rolex Blackwater Ghost series. Today we will look at the Rolex knockoff Blackwater ghost true and false comparison method so that you can distinguish the true and false at a glance.

Rolex knockoff Blackwater Ghost series introduction

Rolex Underwater series 116610LN(black) mechanical men’s watch is known as Rolex Blackwater Ghost. Its oyster case strengthened the three anti characteristics, whether it is dustproof, waterproof, or shock-proof, it can resist, and no anyone can open the case. To open the oyster shell must be 5 Newton /M torsion. The casing protects the movement so effectively that it is accurate enough to be trusted.

Rolex- Underwater Series 116610LN(black) Mechanical men’s watch

The crown is a three-button locked chain crown to protect the movement from water and dust. Tightening makes the oyster-type case completely airtight, like a submarine’s airtight door. The outer ring of one-way rotation allows divers to record diving time accurately. The only one-way wheel is to avoid miscounting water time and oxygen allowance. The 300M’s water resistance, combined with the protection of the oyster-type shell, makes it the first choice for outdoor sports. Instant calendar and Rolex knockoff character bubble calendar window can see the date. Function with another diving watch, but no one can compare pressure resistance, whether the support of a waterproof shell or solid material makes the water ghost different from other diving tables.

Next is a small series of ways to compare the true and false Rolex knockoff black water ghost:

  • Luminous contrast

The difference between the real and fake watch can be seen in the contrast of the luminous light. You can see directly that the two types of noctilucent are pretty good, but the details still need to be put in place. Not nearly as bright as the real Blackwater. Carefully discerned or can be determined at a glance.

  • The calendar window

Through the above calendar window analysis, it can see that the calendar window of the black water ghost table has a blue plating film processing process, which reflects the actual table of every detail of excellence. And the false table will often ignore this detail; the two incorrect tables on the right show no blue plating film processing. If you can’t see clearly, you can see the richard mille replica watch sideways, true or false, at a glance.

  • Contrast his head

The head is to adjust the time and date of the shaft; this detail work is the most test of the level of technology. Rolex Blackwater Ghost accurate watch not only gear carved deep but also polished smooth, complete. And the false table, to reduce the cost, mold casting will be smaller, generally is to find an existing mold to duplicate twice, then open casting. Over time, the head will be increasingly lost in a professional sense and become rougher and rougher; a discerning person can immediately tell the truth at a glance.

  • Ceramic ring luminous point

The ceramic circle luminous point is one of the easiest to identify and is also the easiest to be ignored by everyone. For the real Rolex knockoff Blackwater Ghost, this detail is almost perfect; the luminous point will be located precisely in the center of the inverted triangle. And false table generally will be okay with doing so full, can do this is almost impossible. The one on the right is that the night light is too large to go directly beyond the area of the inverted triangle, and the other is that the noctilucent point is not placed in the center of the inverted triangle at all, which is true, at a glance.

Model:116610 LN
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
Detailed address:

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