One Of Rolex’s Most Famous Watches — The Watery Ghost Fake Watch

Green Water Ghost can be said to be the most famous Rolex fake watch, and the outside people affectionately call it the Rolex Green water Ghost; in fact, the green water ghost is a green disk of the Rolex underwater series of a watch, green water ghost was born in 2010 can be called the Rolex face, immensely popular, quite well-known. Oddly enough, few watches in the entire watch circle survive the seven-year itch, except the Green Water Ghost, now in its 12th year and still going strong. Then follow Xiaobian together to understand the Rolex out of goods king green water ghost ~~

Rolex Underwater Series 116610LV-97200 Green Water Ghost This Rolex Underwater watch replicas uses a Swiss Observatory-certified movement and is equipped with Paraflex shock absorbers. Automatic winding mechanical movement by the wrist swing to drive the direction of the automatic rotation of the chain does not need to replace the battery can maintain the running power, strengthen the airtight case to make this watch waterproof and function up to 300 meters, is the first choice for diving enthusiasts to wear the watch.

Emerald green dial, for most people, is a relatively tricky color but also a relatively calm color; compared to the ordinary watch’s black or white dial, this green is excellent. The ceramic scale gradually rotates the outer ring, and you can check the decompression time at any time. The high hardness blue crystal glass mirror also ensures the robustness and durability of this watch. Overall match this fake watch belongs to a beautiful shape but is challenging to control the watch, which is more suitable for the pursuit of personality.

The inner ring of the dial is engraved with the Rolex anti-counterfeiting LOGO, and the outer ring is a ceramic scale progressive rotation of the outer ring; you can check the decompression time at any time. The case and chain are made of 904L stainless steel; 904l stainless steel has extreme corrosion resistance, suitable for sulfuric acid under 70℃ of various concentrations, under the normal pressure of any attention, any temperature of acetic acid and formic acid, and acetic acid mixed acid corrosion resistance is also excellent, for diving wear to provide reasonable quality assurance.

Green water ghost is Rolex in recent years more fire a product, and the price is also rising again. Its unique dial color gives a person a bright feeling, is like the pursuit of personality of young people like the product, coupled with the automatic movement with Rolex solid artistry, can meet the daily outdoor activities to wear, is also like diving or outdoor sports people’s first choice fake watch.

Model:116610 LV
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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