Why Buy Fake Rolex Blackwater Ghost To Watch More And More People?

We have noticed a phenomenon: the green water of the ghosts in the fake Rolex watch fire more than the blackwater ghost wristwatch; the green water demon is Blackwater instead of more. Why is that? We, Xiaobian and you, talk about this problem.

The Fake Rolex Blackwater Ghost produces more

As we know, the production of green water ghosts is less than that of black water ghosts. It is said that there are about ten black water ghosts to have one green water ghost. Therefore, a table is difficult to find the green water ghost rather than the black water ghost; the super public price is the green water ghost is not the black water ghost. Because the spirit of green water production is less, it is complicated to buy, belongs to money does not necessarily buy the watch, so can not accept the ghost of green water; people may settle for the second to acknowledge the spirit of black water.

The Blackwater is easier to get

Although the green water ghost launched many years, the total output is small, but they want more people, more monks, and fewer porches, or demand exceeds supply. On the other hand, because the green water ghost is producing less, it’s holding its value better, so you’d expect more people to want it if it has its value better, but again, there needs to be more supply. The number of green water ghosts at Rolex distribution dealers, which is in single digits every year, dropped from nine to three or four last year. Less and fewer goods, green water ghost is more and more popular, businesses naturally want to maximize the benefits, either you buy super public prices, or a non-hot replica watch, in short, is to increase your purchase cost. The black water ghost is much easier to start than the green water ghost.

Fake Rolex Black water ghost is cheaper than green water ghost.

The green water ghost price is 70,000; the black water ghost price is 65,900 yuan; according to the two only a few thousand dollars difference; the impact of price factors on both should not be tremendous. But we must consider the actual situation; at most, green water ghost is the official price you can not buy; buy 71,000 even if you burn incense. Recently, I learned from an in my circle of friends that the cost of his green water ghost had reached 100,000 yuan. At that time, I thought I was wrong. So compared to the actual starting price, green water ghost than black water ghost 10,000 yuan (or more) is very likely. Many people might choose the cheaper black water ghost if they don’t like the green water ghost.

The Blackwater ghost of understated luxury

Although the green water ghost is full of SAO, breaking the old fake Rolex sense, but black classic ah. Black never goes out of style and can be worn at any age. In addition, black goes with everything. Matching any color is straightforward; you can make a statement no matter what you wear. Some outfits may not be appropriate if you are a green water ghost, even if the watch is a versatile accessory.

Each has his love, as love table people always want to find a favorite water ghost. In short, as a famous Rolex, the black water ghost, as the name suggests, is a diving table, waterproof up to 300 meters. Still, compared with the more robust waterproof performance of the sea, the black water ghost and not so heavy, waterproof, and practical these two aspects reached a balance, so it is also very suitable for daily wear. Combined with the classic look and Rolex name, the Blackwater Ghost has always been famous. And it's easier to buy than the Green water ghost.

Model:116610 LN
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
Detailed address:

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