Rolex Gold Submersible, Best Replica Watches Review

Rolex gold sports watches have always been “tepid.” Rolex gold sports watches are less popular than Rolex sports steel watches. I understand this phenomenon very well. Some young people think that wearing a gold watch is “old-fashioned” and prefer a Rolex steel-cased sports watch; many older people like gold watches, but many older people will not buy sports watches but choose DD, DJ. This makes the market price of Rolex gold sports watches consistently lower than that of Rolex steel case sports watches. For example, steel-cased Submariner, steel-cased Daytona, steel-cased GMT, etc., are generally priced much higher than the public price, while gold models are much more rational. My Jianjin Water Ghost is the blue plate “Jianjinlan” 116613LB, which everyone knows. Best replica watches review.

The Rolex Gold Submariner also has a deep history and special status in the history of Rolex.

Historically, gold watches were usually dress watches. At antique watch auctions, formal watches are mainly gold watches, while “tool watches,” such as diving and flight watches, are all made of steel. However, things changed in the 1970s after the emergence of “luxury sports watches” represented by Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. with gold and various Precious metals starting to appear on “tool watches” (sports watches).

Rolex’s earliest Submariner, 16803, can see many details of 16803, which differs from the current Submariner.

Submariner (Submariner) is Rolex’s professional diving watch. It has been used as a “tool watch” since its birth in 1953 and has developed more professional Sea-Dweller models. What is impressive is that there is news that the person in charge of Rolex at the time (named Rene P Jeanneret) once said that when designing the Submariner, the possibility of wearing the Submariner in formal wear was considered, and the design was carried out accordingly. Therefore, after “tool watches” began to take the luxury route, Submariner launched a gold model in the 1980s, the Submariner 16803. And in 1988, Jinshuigui 16613 was established. The Jianjin Submariner has since become the “bridge” between Rolex’s “pure tool watches” Submariner, Sea-Dweller, and formal watches DD and DJ. Fake watches for sale.

The Rolex Gold Submariner 16613 (left) and the current 116613 (right) have many differences in details and configuration.

The Rolex Submariner 116613, currently on sale, was launched in 2009.

Among the sales models, the Gold Water Ghost 116613 is available in blue plate with blue ceramic ring and black plate with black ceramic ring, maintaining the same design as the steel shell Water Ghost 116610. The case is 40mm and 12.75mm thick. 40mm is the classic size of Rolex sports watches, not too big or too small, and easy to wear. The gold model 116613, the bezel, crown, and middle part of the bracelet are made of 18K gold (solid gold), and the ceramic bezel is used. The ceramic bezel has gold-filled numerical scales. The watch case’s side and the bracelet’s middle section are polished; the front of the case and the links on both sides are brushed. It can be seen from the relatively large number of polishing treatments on the Rolex gold Submariner case and bracelet that the Rolex Submariner has a prominent luxury style in addition to the professional diving watch “tool watch.”

Rolex gold Submariner, blue plate with a blue circle, and black plate with a black ring.

It should be noted that because the Jianjin Water Ghost uses a gold bezel, the teeth on the outside of the bezel are gold. The outer teeth of the Jianjin Ghost are easily injured. At the same time, the numbers on the Jianjingui ceramic circle are filled with gold, and the filled gold numbers are slightly lower than the ceramic circle and recessed downwards. This recessed gold number is an easily stained area and gets dirty quickly. Because many parts of the Golden Ghost are made of gold, they are more delicate than the Steel-shelled Water Ghost. You should pay more attention to them. But there is no doubt that the effect of Jianjin Water Ghost is gorgeous.

Rolex gold Submariner 116613, gold and blue.

Although Rolex has now replaced the 3235 movement (32 series) on a large scale, the Rolex Submariner and the Gold Submariner still use the Rolex 3135 self-winding movement. The 3135 campaign has been used for more than 30 years since 1988. However, the excellent quality of the 3135 training (31 series) is world-famous and is still one of Rolex’s main movements today. Now, the 3135 movement uses Parachrom blue niobium hairspring and has Rolex’s latest green tag super observatory certification, with an error of +2/-2 seconds per day and 48 hours of power. My gold and blue one has accurate timekeeping and meets the Rolex +2/-2 standard. For Rolex watches, there is no need to worry about the movement because whether it is the latest model movement or the previous generation movement, the quality is excellent (the 32 series has a power of 70 hours, and the power is longer).

Rolex 3135 automatic movement.

The Rolex Submariner uses a Rolex Oyster bracelet. The gold middle bracelet significantly increases the luxury of this watch. Jian Jingui also uses the quick-adjust buckle of the Rolex diving watch to extend or shorten the length of the bracelet. Rolex’s quick buckle length adjustment is effortless to use. Lift the end of the bracelet, and you can slide it freely to adjust the length or length. After changing, press down the end of the bracelet, and it will be stuck and fixed, which is very convenient. Although many sports watches from famous watch brands now have bracelet quick-adjustment functions, Rolex is one of the most useful.

Quick-adjust clasp for Rolex diving watches.

Rolex sports watches, in general, steel case sports watches are the most popular, have the highest market trends, and have the highest premiums. As for Rolex gold watches, the market is generally the most rational. The official price of the Jianjin Submariner is RMB 105,000, and the actual market price of the Jianjin Submariner is below the public expense. It is a relatively easy-to-obtain model among Rolex Submariners (factors such as discounts, exchange rates, and secondary markets depend on individual circumstances). Although the actual price of the Jianjin Water Ghost is still higher than that of the steel-shelled Black Water Ghost, considering the amount of gold used in the Jianjin Water Ghost and the relatively reasonable actual price (compared to the public cost of 105,000 for the Jianjin Water Ghost), the Jianjin Water Ghost is The Golden Water Ghost is one of the Submariners that is worth buying.

Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Case Size: 40mm
Movement: Automatic
Model: 116613LB-97203
Band Color: Two-tone
Series: Submariner

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