Sky-Dweller, I Heard It Is Rolex’s Most Complicated Fake Watch

Is SKY-DWELLER Rolex’s most complicated watch?

No, it’s one of the most complicated.


We started with a casual chat about the Rolex Sky-Dweller series.

The Sky-Dweller series is a watch series designed for business travelers. The entire fake watch style is elegant and gentlemanly but has a casual and business sense. It is the perfect combination of superb technology and simple operation, and it is also a rare innovative step taken by Rolex.

Rolex has never made complicated functions or special-shaped cases. The styles across the board are stubborn and paranoid, and their requirements for quality are also striving for excellence. Value retention and popularity are both difficult for many brands to achieve.

Unfortunately, it does not have complex functions and is mainly made of steel watches. It is undoubtedly the mainstay of mid-range watches but cannot join the ranks of high-end watches.

What is a high-end watch? What we commonly call high-end luxury refers to brands like the three traditional brands in Geneva and a group of brands with unique skills. For example, brands with minute repeater watch technology, particularly outstanding face plate production technology, excellent ultra-complex function collection watches, etc. Moreover, such brands mainly sell precious metal formal watches and are proud of their exquisite craftsmanship—Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Jacques Droz, Lange, etc.

Rolex falls behind in terms of functionality alone.

Fortunately, Rolex is a moderately paranoid brand. It is a brand that dares to change. For example, the launch of Sky-Dweller in 2012. This new innovative series has an annual calendar function but keeps the brand’s original style intact.

Under the premise that Sky-Dweller is unknown, I used a gold-black disk for the first time. The 42mm watch diameter is on the larger side, but the style is still Rolex’s classic Oyster style.

I took it in my hand and looked at the functions out of habit. The second dial’s hour hand differed from that of the main dial. When I discovered it was a dual place, I saw the calendar function and the little red dot. I needed to use it to tell whether it was the month or something else. When starting to operate the part, I pulled out the crown and found only one gear and no process. The first reaction is whether the height needs to be installed properly. Everyone knows that Sky-Dweller has three sacks, which can adjust three parts (local time, reference time, and calendar). It has four gears, with the fourth gear being neutral.

When I next checked the appearance, I found that the gap between the front bezel and the case was too large, and there was a certain amount of pressure on the front bezel. Only then did I discover how to use Sky-Dweller.

This method of use is similar to the 10-minute countdown of Yacht-Master.

The Sky-Dweller series, launched at Basel Watch in 2012, is equipped with Rolex’s new movement 9001.

9001 contains seven patented technologies! It is one of Rolex’s most complex movements. The entire Sky-Dweller series has 11-14 proprietary technologies, depending on the model. This includes the paramagnetic blue PARACHROM hairspring patent, Paraflex shock-proof patent, etc., and the latest patented technology of Saros annual calendar and month display.

The innovative system of Ring Command rotating the outer ring to set watch functions is also unique to Rolex.

The SAROS calendar function comes from an exquisite device called SAROS. The astronomical phenomenon of the same name directly inspired the original idea for this Rolex-patented device. The word Saros comes from Greek and refers to the relative position cycle of the sun, earth, and moon approximately every 18 years since ancient times.

The three parts of the dial are local time, reference time, and calendar. The local time is the meridian time where the wearer is located and is indicated by the traditional third hand and the scale of the large bezel. The reference time is the second dial in the middle, the dual time function dial. The scale is 1-24. Under the logo on the large bezel is a small triangular arrow with a white heart pointing to the small bezel. This is where the reference time is indicated. The large bezel has a white space next to the 12 hours. Every few months, the corresponding time will turn red (depending on the model, the color is different).

The design of Sky-Dweller, which goes against the conservative nature of traditional classic swiss models, aroused intense discussion and appreciation when it was first released. And it is still praised and praised by cousins.

The Sky-Dweller series is generally a perfect choice. If 42mm is a manageable size, it is essential among Rolex’s many series in terms of aesthetics and practicality. Moreover, the current market situation of Sky-Dweller is good, and the second-hand depreciation rate is low, so it is suitable to buy.

Gender: Men’s
Model: m326933-0002
Brand: Rolex
Series: Sky-dweller
Case Color: Gold-tone
Case Thickness: 15mm
Movement: Automatic

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