Rolex Rainbow Di Replica Luxury Watches

The styles of Rainbow Di include platinum, gold, and rose gold. Among them, the platinum and gold models appeared in 2012, while the rose gold model was added in 2018. In addition, Rainbow Dizhong has a dial full of diamonds full of stars, but due to factors such as production difficulty and cost, the number is minimal. The most eye-catching thing is the colorful bezel. The gradient colors are composed of different gemstones, giving the watch further appreciation. If the pure gold and diamonds brightened people’s eyes, then Rainbow Di must be directly blinding. Rainbow Di is now basically a price but no market, especially in the past two years; the demand has risen sharply, so friends who can get the watch at a fair price are all bigwigs. Because of its relatively small number, there are also many later modified replica luxury watches in the market.

This rose gold Rainbow Di Ref.116595RBOW shared this time, it is a luxury to look at the real thing, in addition to the original design, such as hour markers echoing the bezel, 56 diamonds inlaid on the lugs and shoulder guards, etc. The watch chain is also inlaid with large and small diamonds, which can be described as the king of Rolex.

A small-cut joint is inlaid with 36 diamonds, with small diamonds inlaid in the subtleties. Such a bracelet will always feel unfortunate if the bracelet is adjusted. Even the buckle has 96 diamonds, ultimately reflecting its process value. This type of Rolex treasure version is like a piece of jewelry. It is estimated that it can be worn on specific occasions. It is also the treasure of some physical stores, so it is generally challenging to see the material object.

All in all, the rose gold version of Caihongdi has been produced since 2018. The cost of gemstones, labor, and time used in the production is high, and the current number is, at most, hundreds of digits. It is one of the proper collections. As Rolex replicas for sale has gradually launched new movements in recent years, there have been many rumors about whether Daytona will stop production in the past two years. In addition, this year is the 60th anniversary of the birth of Daytona, and it must be one of the hot topics before the new release conference.

Series: Daytona
Movement: Automatic
Brand: Rolex
Case Size: 40mm
Gender: Men’s
Model: 116595RBOW-0002
Dial Color: Diamond Paved Dial
Engine: Asian Movement

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