Why Doesn’t Rolex Do Not Do Back Luxury Replica Watches?

We find that most of the current mechanical swiss replica watches will do back. That is to use the transparent background to expose the movement inside the eye. There is only one brand exception, and that is Rolex. In Rolex’s watch, we can hardly see the back watch.

So, is Rolex back a backup? First, Rolex has inevitably done a backbone, Prince Chelini. In addition to some quantities and scarce models, Prince Chelini can almost be regarded as Rolex’s only one-back model.

Prince Chelini was born in 1928 and was produced until the 1940s. It can be regarded as a long time. Therefore, when Rolex launched Prince Chelini in 2005, it was full of confidence. It is said that Rolex’s sales have been confident that Prince Chelini is a sought-after cooker.

Compared to the original prince watch, the overall shape of Prince Chelini is unchanged this time, retaining the decorative art style, but more exquisite, and the first time the bottom design is adopted. Unfortunately, Prince Chelini was called “the Rolex of Rolex,” and he applauded it. Later, Rolex stopped production. Chelini, which was relaunched, also became a round watch.

So why doesn’t Rolex do back? Is it difficult to fail because of a failure? The officials did not give an apparent reason for this, but with Rolex’s status, cousins naturally speculated about them. Some people think it should be the brand’s consideration of product style and positioning. When it comes to Rolex, most people feel reliable, reliable, reliable in the brand, and reliable manner, giving them high praise “one after another.” Reliable, accurate, and durable, these are Rolex’s most shiny labels. Therefore, Rolex is not to go back but does not need to.

Some people think that Rolex does not go back. It is to ensure its waterproof performance, especially the Rolex oyster watch. Oyster-type refers to the design of the integrated molding case of Rolex invented, the inlet bottom cover, and the design of the rotating header, that is Oyster. We all know that the most prominent feature of the oyster watch is its good waterproof performance. If you replace the rotating bottom cover with transparent sapphire crystal glass, it is not an oyster watch, and the waterproof performance will worsen. And even if it is not an oyster watch, the back-threatening design will have a particular impact on the waterproof version of the eye. You will find a few authentic professional diving luxury replica watches if you pay attention. The table is often not really for diving.

Some people think that Rolex needs to go back through cost considerations. Because decorative polishing will inevitably increase the fixed cost, it is also carried out with the pursuit of simple and stable concepts. If the cost increases, it is bound to pay for consumers, and the price will naturally rise. But is Rolex’s most sold and the most expensive model? Not, but a more basic model, the price is relatively low. Some fans are worried about this problem: if you do back, the cost will inevitably rise, and the price will increase. How can our ordinary fans live? Rolex is not a high-cold route. Although the entry price is high, it cannot afford, so it will be vast and sell so high.

In the end, some people thought profoundly and felt that Rolex did not go back through his traditional respect for his tradition and respect for collectors. Rolex has no technology but understands its real foothold, so it can always be “once and for all.” In addition, Rolex needs to go back thoroughly, and it also avoids the value of the second-hand market in the same series of products. After all, preservation is also a significant advantage of Rolex.

Brand: Rolex
Range: GMT Master II
Model: 116719 BLRO
Gender: Mens
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 41 MM
Case_material: White Gold
Bracelet_material: White Gold
Dial_type: Black Baton
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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