The Legend Of Rolex Gmt-master, The Best Replica Watches In The World

Rolex’s most colorful sports model is the GMT-MASTER or the GMT-Master. Its development history is similar to the SUB’s (Ref. 6204 in 1953). The GMT Master was based on Ref. 6202 and was released in 1954. The two are history, which has no distinction between top and bottom. Compared with the appearance of the water ghost that has remained unchanged for hundreds of years, Greenwich’s most prominent feature is that he is lively, changeable, slim, and lustful. Replica Rolex watches.

The Greenwich was initially designed to meet the needs of pilots. The outer ring is designed in two colors: red to represent daytime and blue to symbolize nighttime.

The GMT needle uses bright red (green and blue were added in the later period), and the outer ring in the early stage used a half-red and blue contrasting design to enhance the visual effect. GMT was also designed for aviation pilots at that time due to jet lag. In addition to the average local time, the 24-hour pointer could accurately display the difference between day and night. It could also be used with the rotating outer ring to quickly calculate the second time zone.

In addition to the multi-color outer ring, GMT’s straps have used both commemorative and Oyster straps from the beginning. Hence, the five-bead strap used in the new model is just a return to tradition and may be switched back to the Oyster strap in the future. So there is no need to be surprised and impulsively buy new models.

The GMT-MASTER movement traditionally adopts a two-place time design (in the early days, the minute hand was used to adjust the GMT hand and the hour hand to rotate simultaneously. Later, a second gear was added to adjust the calendar independently, but the third gear still changed the minute hand)

In the 1980s, 16750 and 16760 began to distinguish the difference between the first generation and the second generation: different from the first generation 16750, the second generation 16760 adopts a three-place time design (the first three minutes hands remain unchanged, and the GMT hand and hour hand can be adjusted at the same time, while the second gear becomes a separate If you change the hour hand, the GMT hand will not move; for the calendar, you need to change the hour hand forward and backward slowly)

However, the new second generation only partially replaced the traditional first generation. The first generation, 16750, was upgraded to 16700; the second generation, 16760, was elevated to 16710. If it is easy to get confused when looking at the model number, you can note down the changes in the movement: Ca.l3075-3175 is the first generation, and Cal.3085-3185-3186 is the second generation.

The reason why one generation and two generations exist at the same time is because the old and new designs have their advantages. One is convenient for adjusting the calendar, and the other has a separate GMT hour hand.

The GMT double-in pair we will discuss today has Ref.16710 on the left and Ref.16753 on the right. They are relatively niche-colored outer rings. The black and red circles only appear in Ref.16760 and Ref.16710, while the black and gold circles appear in Ref.16753, Ref.16713, and Ref.116713. The red needle is in the red circle, and the gold needle is in the gold circle, complementing each other and highlighting the style.

It is worth noting that the model mark on the disk shows that Ref.16710 belongs to GMT-MASTER II, and Ref.16753 is the first generation GMT-MASTER.

Ref.16710 is also commonly known as the Coca-Cola ring. It is more stable than the Pepsi ring. The 24-hour outer ring is used with a 24-hour small red needle.

Ref.16753 has an eye-catching design with gold lettering and a black background. Coupled with a five-bead chain, the yellowed T25 luminous scale has a profound retro effect, just like the noble and wealthy Lafite in 1982.

To be Oyste or to be Jubilee, this is a question.

In addition to color, choosing Oyster or commemorative straps is another big problem for GMT. This is also the fun part of GMT. The five-bead chain has made a comeback and created a new trend.

Truth is the Best

Without human intervention, it can maintain the original flavor of history. A big shot once said: Beautiful things are always similar, whether plastic lenses or sapphires; as long as they are not modified too much, they are perfect.

GMT has one more GMT function than SUB. In theory, the movement is more complex, but the shell is more skeletal and beautiful: the middle extends to the ends on both sides, just like the ups and downs of the pen in calligraphy and the peak when closing the pen. The clear shoulder line can be seen in the original medieval dress, a dazzling landscape like a woman’s shoulders.

As for the back part, although 16710 has pierced ears, it has a solid strap, making it more reliable and durable. The 16753 is a five-bead chain design, and with the gold chain heads connecting it, it isn’t easy to straighten the strap.

Comparing them clearly distinguishes the differences between the 30 and 31 series movements. I like the 30 series Rolex very much. It is relatively playable, and you can find a satisfactory style without paying too much. The Ref.16800, Ref.16803, and Ref.16660 that I have written about before are all 30 series movements, and the introduction has been mentioned many times. The 3185 movement’s built-in dual-time function is also the current mainstream GMT watch design. The parts have mostly stayed the same, but independently setting the dual time is very convenient. The best replica watches in the world.

In 2018, Rolex launched the Ref. 126710 red and blue model, and the movement was also replaced with the new 3285. Although the polishing and design have been improved a lot regarding running time stability, it is not up to the level that Rolex should have. The blame is that the 31 series performed too well.

In addition to ordinary steel models, GMT’s product line is very complete. All gold and all diamonds are commonplace. This also shows that GMT’s positioning is higher than that of ordinary sports models (except Daytona). If we wanted to explain everything about GMT-MASTER, it would take tens of thousands of words to describe it clearly and thoroughly.

Brand: Rolex
Series: Gmt Master Ii
Case Thickness: 15mm
Movement: Automatic
Case Color: Silver-tone
Gender: Men’s
Band Color: Silver-tone
Model: 16710COKE
Dial Color: Black Dial

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