Those Must-know Common Sense About Replica Watch Repair And After-sales Service

Most people are happy to choose, appreciate, and compare when buying a watch. The halo of the good watches of major brands, the boasting of the various advantages and benefits of the salesperson, and the incomparable satisfaction and happiness of shopping intoxicate them. People must consider what will happen if such an expensive watch breaks down. What should they do? Because most people have habitual thinking in their subconscious mind. Such a costly watch should have few problems. It should be more challenging to break down. Even if it breaks down, there will be professional after-sales service.

Yes, these high-sounding exaggerations and fame make you ignore a series of problems after buying a watch and overlook the difficulty of wearing and maintaining a watch. Because of this, many friends will be so helpless and regretful when they encounter problems with the watch after buying it. For example, the watch is inaccurate, the mirror is accidentally broken, the crown is suddenly loose, the shell is gradually worn out, and the calendar week is out of adjustment. What should we do when faced with these problems that quickly appear on the watch?

Common sense 1: Don’t be nervous if the watch needs to be more accurate.

The watch needs to be more accurate; sometimes, it is slow and stops. This problem appears in many netizens’ forum posts and is entangled with many watch buyers. Spending a high price to buy a replica watch, even if there is no additional functional advantage, the watch’s accuracy should be the minimum satisfaction, but even the most fundamental error is not within the error guaranteed by the brand! Isn’t this too much?!

In this regard, we hope you can understand three points. First, objectively speaking, to understand the watch’s accuracy, mechanical watches have specific errors compared to quartz watches. The coordination and stability of the oscillation system (including the escapement and balance spring systems) are the main factors determining whether it can accurately keep time. These hardware problems exist in the movement; we cannot avoid them, and minor errors are reasonable. At the same time, the error value provided by the brand is calculated based on daily error, not monthly error! If you say, “My watch is two minutes slower in a month, ” your watch is not considered to have a significant error.

Second, from the perspective of external factors, temperature, magnetic field, and impact force all interfere with the watch’s accurate watch’s timekeeping. Tempera will affect the working length of the hairspring and the inertia of the balance wheel, which can directly affect the timing accuracy. The impact of magnetic fields on watches must be more familiar to everyone because there are many steel materials in mechanical watches, such as large and small steel wheels, escape wheels, etc., so they are very susceptible to magnetism; impact force is also one of the factors that bear the brunt.

Third, insufficient winding or wearing state cannot fully release the watch’s energy. All the watches are tested according to the ideal state of people’s daily life before leaving the factory, including the arm swing, the external environment accepted by the watch, etc. If you sit in the office all day and cannot let the automatic mechanical watch have power, the natural travel time will not be accurate and will not fully meet the power reserve time. Wearing too comfortably or exercising too much is not conducive to the watch’s travel time. Fake Rolex watches.

Therefore, if you understand the above three points but still cannot meet the travel time accuracy, you can choose to go to after-sales repair, make a personalized adjustment, or change the watch’s swing frequency to meet the wearer’s daily life and work status.

Common Sense 2: After-sales warranty card ≠ free pass

Most watches come with a warranty card when you buy them, but this does not mean the watch is insured. Just like mobile phones, general artificial and appearance damage are not included in the warranty during the warranty period. Only problems with the movement itself are covered by warranty. Repairs for other issues are paid, and the prices vary in different situations. You should know that buying a watch is a one-time investment, while maintaining one is a long-term investment.

Common sense 3: Wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass watch mirror is not wear-resistant

Sapphire mirror is a crystal mirror surface that is artificially compressed and synthesized. Its advantages are high density, good hardness, and not easy to scratch, but it does not mean that it is wear-resistant. It also has disadvantages. The more complex the object, the more brittle it is. It is not shockproof and should not be bumped, pressed, dropped, or other improper operations. Under normal wear, the strength of the sapphire crystal glass watch mirror is sufficient, and there will be no problems, but when your watch falls to the ground or is hit, the sapphire mirror surface is effortless to crack;

In addition, some improper wearing methods will also affect the safety of the watch mirror, such as diamond jewelry, marble, etc., which will scratch it. Many friends who don’t pay attention accidentally put the watch mirror in their pockets and are damaged by washing machines. You should know that the repair cost will be prohibitive once the watch mirror is broken.

Common sense 4: case, pointer, scale, watch mirror, crown, bottom, strap, date, moon phase, which part have you broken?

From the perspective of theory and maintenance experience, the most easily damaged parts of the watch are the watch mirror and the crown. The watch mirror is likelier to be bumped (as mentioned above). As for the crown, theoretically speaking, in the design of the watch, the crown is on the outermost side and is used frequently; in reality, many wearers use the crown to adjust the time, calendar, or moon phase in the wrong way, so the crown is more likely to deform and fall off compared to other positions.

The falling off of accessories or decorations such as hands, scales, and diamonds on the dial is also a widespread problem. Since the scales of many brands are inlaid or glued on when encountering a strong impact when it exceeds its tolerance strength, the hands and scales will fall off. Under normal wear, there will be no problem.

Next, let’s talk about the wear and scratches of the case, which is probably the pain of many watch lovers. In terms of material, although ceramic material is light and soft, it is more afraid of falling. Metal watches are straightforward to wear. Whether stainless steel or other metals such as platinum, scratches are inevitable in life. During the maintenance process, the case can be restored to 80% or 90% new, but during the polishing and grinding process, the weight of the metal will also be reduced. After all, the scratches on the outer layer are worn, and the overall quality will be reduced.

Regarding function, some netizens often ask why the watch’s date does not move and the moon phase adjustment is inaccurate.

When this problem occurs, most of it is caused by internal movement problems, and the calendar transmission gear train and the needle gear train are not engaged axially. Sometimes they are employed, and sometimes they are disengaged. Here, we need to popularize a little common sense for everyone. The date changes of many watches are adjusted according to the standard 30 or 31 days. When encountering a short or a long month, the wearer needs to adjust it manually; otherwise, the date will be confused. In addition, when changing the date, avoid the time when the watch automatically jumps the calendar. Otherwise, it is easily stuck, or the calendar function is damaged.

Common Sense 5: More than 90% of watches are repaired

This may cause many netizens to complain. Maybe the 90% number is not accurate in the concept of the repair master, but we must admit that many watches have many problems during the repair process. Everyone knows it is more expensive to go to the after-sales watch repair shop than the general watch shop. Although those minor repair points can also achieve the purpose of repairing the watch, they cannot guarantee professionalism and level. Take, for example, replacing the movement parts. You may have achieved the purpose of replacing the parts during the repair process, but you cannot guarantee that the disassembly and assembly of the watch are flawless. After all, many general repair points are not entirely dust-free workshops, and they will not have so many equipment inspections after they are well equipped. (Also, this is not malicious slander. Interests drive many repair masters, and they do not do many things professionally. Some cut corners in the process.)

Common sense 6: Wearing state is essential

Watches are not such delicate items. The above problems are not likely to occur when they are regularly used or worn. However, many people often have nasty eating habits. For example, the fit between the watch and the wrist is too loose, which is easy to bump, and too tight will cause micro-injury to the strap. For example, avoiding wearing a formal watch when exercising is best. Large movements or collisions during exercise will cause fatal damage to the watch. For example, do not put the watch in an environment with too much dust, avoid water vapor from entering, avoid magnetization of magnetic fields, etc.

If you still feel worried or afraid that the watch will be damaged after knowing all kinds of common sense, then it is recommended that you do the following three things: regularly perform ultrasonic cleaning of the appearance; regularly test the accuracy of the travel time and the sealing of the watch; and regularly perform movement maintenance. It is recommended that quartz watches be maintained once every 7 to 8 years (4 to 5 years, the cost may be too high), and mechanical watches can be maintained once every 4 to 5 years.

Many people complain about spending money to buy expensive watches, but there are still so many problems, and they feel unbalanced. Based on this, many people have similar psychology. First of all, after buying a watch, the watch not only provides you with time but brings you a symbol of identity, status, and even face. Its value is reflected in the process of serving you. Therefore, when the watch has a problem, you must handle and maintain it calmly, not just complain. In addition, doing an excellent job of daily care is very important. A normal wearing state will save you a lot of trouble.

After discussing the many problems above, do you think the watch needs to be more robust, and you have to pay attention to it everywhere? Is it so vulnerable? Only some items can maintain their value and quality. Consumers often pay more attention to the brand, popularity, material, function, movement, etc., of the watch they buy. However, after using it, they will find that there is still a gap between reality and ideal. Many problems need to be solved eagerly. Finally, I hope everyone will look at the issue of buying a watch rationally and clarify that purchasing a watch is a one-time investment while maintaining a watch is a long-term investment. People who love watches not only need to understand watches but also need to love and cherish watches!

Dial Color: Green Dial
Model: 116610LV
Band Length: 18cm
Gender: Men’s
Case Size: 40mm
Band Color: Silver-tone
Series: Submariner
Case Thickness: 15mm
Brand: Rolex

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