Three Popular Mechanical Watches Recommended, Luxury Watches Fake

If you want to know whether a child is good-looking, you can get a rough idea by looking at his parents. Although it may not be so accurate, it is the best judgment without seeing it with your own eyes. The same is true for watches. If a new watch is launched and we have not tried it more, we can judge it by its original or a similar version. If the original version is a perfect watch, the new one will be wrong, right? Today, I recommend three traditional mechanical watches to you. Luxury watches fake.

Rolex Explorer II Series 216570-77210 White Dial Watch

  • Watch Series: Explorer II Series
  • Movement Type: Automatic
  • Case Material: 904L Stainless Steel
  • Strap Material: 904L Stainless Steel
  • Case Diameter: 42mm

Since its birth, the Rolex Explorer II series watches have been like derivatives of the GMT Master series, but its popularity today is better than the original. Of course, its performance considerations or appearance aesthetics may be better than those of the GMT Master series watches. Still, more importantly, the name that makes people dream is Explorer Explorer. It has all the classic elements of traditional Rolex, and the retro orange second-time zone hand is mainly classic! It is no exaggeration to say that it has a breathtaking beauty. The white dial is plain, the black-edged hands are clear, and the fixed (no tooth marks) brushed bezel is firm and practical, and it can be more harmoniously integrated with the watch than ceramic. Its sports blood reveals an elegant atmosphere. The Tan II can be said to be a versatile replica watch.

Omega HOUR VISION Watch Series 431. Watch

  • Watch Series: De Ville Series
  • Mechanical Type: Automatic
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Strap Material: Alligator Leather
  • Case Diameter: 41mm

The “Bright Blue” watch has an eye-catching blue dial, a blue hour circle, 18K white gold hour, minute, and second hands. The wear-resistant sapphire watch glass provides comprehensive protection for the dial. The watch uses a 41mm stainless steel case decorated with a sapphire inner case and a black leather strap. This eye-catching watch has the Omega 8500 coaxial movement visible through the transparent case.

IWC AUTOMATIC Automatic Watch Series IW500107 Watch

  • Watch Series: Portuguese Series
  • Movement Type: Automatic
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Strap Material: Alligator Leather
  • Case Diameter: 42.3 mm

This IW500107 is affectionately called the “Portuguese Seven” by everyone because it has a seven-day power reserve, and a power reserve display is set at three o’clock. The nine o’clock position is a small secondhand dial. This watch is equipped with the IWC 51011 automatic winding movement. Although the price is high, it is worth considering as a star model fitted with a self-produced movement.

For ordinary watch fans like us, buying a watch first depends on the brand. Then, we will worry about other factors, such as price and movement. Having a good gene is more important than anything else.

Model: m216570-0001
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Case Thickness: 15mm
Series: Explorer
Case Color: Silver-tone
Movement: Automatic

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